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What Type of Tutoring Services Does Your Child Need?

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You might think of tutoring services as a resource for students who have fallen behind in their studies. However, this is not the case, as almost any student can benefit from academic reinforcement — whether they’re struggling in a particular subject area or excelling in school.

At Study Wizards Tutoring, our team has highly trained mentors with the experience to provide a broad array of in-home tutoring services to students throughout the San Jose area.

Many parents are familiar with remediation tutoring, which focuses on filling gaps in your child’s understanding and building the underlying skills that academic success depends on. Remediation tutoring typically focuses on supporting abilities in a certain subject matter, like math or writing.

Maintenance tutoring services are sometimes necessary to support your child when transitions like changing schools, moving, or family events throw them off. Tutoring sessions focused on maintenance are geared towards helping your child develop study skills, and they may be combined with remediation tutoring to reinforce any deficient skills.

On the other hand, children who excel in school may be ready for additional challenges. In these cases, enrichment tutoring services can help them achieve their full academic potential. In fact, without enrichment attention, gifted students can occasionally get bored, leading to slipping grades.

Another common tutoring service is academic test prep, which is designed to help your child do as well as possible on the SAT or ACT. Professional test prep can help your child overcome the kind of serious anxiety these high-stakes, high-pressure tests can cause, even in the most gifted students.

Whether your child needs remediation, maintenance, enrichment tutoring or academic or academic test preparation, our tutors have the training and background to help. Learn more about our wide range of academic tutoring services online, or call Study Wizards Tutoring at (408) 713-2984 to talk about how we can help students succeed today. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter to connect more with our facility and tutors.