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Study Skills Tutoring
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Study Wizards top-rated study skills tutors in San Jose will work with your child to build self-confidence and motivation and to develop fundamental leaning strategies and skills for studying and taking tests.

Supporting All Students

Study Skills Tutoring Can Focus on the Following Areas Depending Upon Your Child’s Needs

  • Organization

    • Notebooks and filing systems
  • Planning

    • Time management and self-direction
  • Strategies for school

    • Focusing and note taking
  • Exam preparation

    • Understanding how tests are structured, test preparation, and test-taking skills

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Study Wizards Approach to Study Skills Tutoring

  • Individualized Study Skills Tutoring

    After assessing your child’s needs our tutors we will use a variety of educational strategies to help your child develop good study habits and test-taking skills.

  • A Supportive Mentor to Help Improve Academic Performance

    Your child will benefit from a strong relationship with a supportive mentor. Your child’s tutor will help your child to develop confidence and work to give your child the inspiration to grow academically and personally. As they work together your child’s tutor will also provide tools your child needs to build strong study and test-taking skills.

  • Increased Motivation and Self-Responsibility

    Your child’s tutor will also help your child to develop self-advocacy and the ability to speak up and take charge of their schoolwork and education — important for fulfilling academic and lifelong goals

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