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Study Wizards Tutors are “Mathemagicians”
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Does your child have trouble with math concepts, problem solving, and critical thinking?

To help your child succeed, our patient and caring math tutors in the San Jose area will address past gaps and help your child build math skills to increase their confidence.

Supporting All Students

We Tutor Common Core Math

Many schools have adopted the California Common Core math curriculum which helps students develop a broad understanding of mathematical applications.

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math-icon-c Algebra I and II
math-icon-d Geometry
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Our tutor, Tianna Johnson, has been superb in helping grow my daughter’s self-confidence in Pre-Algebra substantially, as well as her focus and motivation …

– Toni Bones

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Study Wizards Approach to Math Tutoring

Focused on Your Child’s Needs
  • Personalizing Tutoring to Engage Your Child

    After assessing your child’s basic math skills and conceptual understanding, tutoring will be personalized to your child’s needs and goals and your educational concerns. Your child’s tutor will also use a variety of educational strategies to keep your child motivated and engaged.

  • Building Study Habits and Self-Confidence

    Study Wizards math tutors are strong mentors and role models who will help your child to improve their study habits, test-taking strategies, and develop self-confidence — important for fulfilling academic and life goals.

  • Improving Academic Performance

    Your child’s tutor will work to bridge any past gaps and explain difficult concepts. Also, as appropriate to your child’s age and math level, they will focus on computational skills, problem solving, critical reasoning, and the use of technology.

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