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During COVID-19

student in online schooling
student in online schooling

student in online schooling
student in online schooling

Schooling is more challenging this year!
Many parents are worried their kids will fall behind because learning has become more difficult in large remote classrooms. Wizardry Online programs are designed to help your child stay on top of their schoolwork with personalized attention from a private tutor.

Your child will receive will benefit from a strong relationship with their tutor. Our expert educators will use effective educational methods to work with your child to boost their academic performance and self-confidence.

Inspiring Educators with Leading Educational Tools
and State-of-the-Art Technology

Your child will feel they are in the driver’s seat.

Our tutors provide an engaging online experience utilizing leading educational tools such as Google Classroom and state-of-the-art technology with white boards, screen sharing, and the ability to record sessions so your student can watch sessions later.

Safe and Convenient

Study Wizards tutoring provides a safe way to learn and is available to fit your schedule – daytime, after school, evenings, and on weekends.

Let’s Discuss Your Child’s Needs and Your Educational Concerns

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Let Study Wizards
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They will use “wizardry” to help your child
raise their grades and confidence.

Tutoring in the Pandemic – The Benefits of Online Learning


By Colin Bonini, Study Wizards Tutor

In mid-March, when Santa Clara County first mandated for residents to shelter in place over Coronavirus concerns, I was worried my tutoring sessions with Lydia—a sixth grader—and Sean—a sophomore—would come to an end. Fortunately, both of their parents were open to trying online tutoring, and the results were better than I could’ve expected.

Using Zoom’s screen share feature and Google Classroom, I was able to be more involved in Lydia’s schoolwork than ever before. Not only could I continue to help her with weekly assignments, but seeing her online schedule made it easy for us to work together to prioritize tasks and assignments. We also created a Google Drive folder with all of her tutoring materials, making it easy for us to access worksheets, vocab lists, and reading quizzes at the same time. Sean and I were similarly able to work over Google Drive to create a study guide for the AP Language and Composition exam, share articles online, and hold practice tests.

Both Sean and Lydia were already so screen-savvy that holding their attention proved no problem at all, and at times I even thought they were more comfortable and engaged than when we met in-person. Given my experience, I would say online tutoring offered some awesome benefits, and I’d certainly tell parents to consider giving it a shot. Kids are already so accustomed to learning on screens that an online tutor isn’t as big a shift as we might think! And the resources available online offer tutors and students extra opportunities to share and learn together.