Why Study Wizards?

Our Approach Works

Affordable One-to-One
Private Home Tutoring
in San Jose
and the San Francisco Bay Area

Study Wizards Tutors
Are Wizards

Boosting Skills and Building Excitement
for Learning

We believe every student can succeed with the right support. Study Wizards is committed to the success of your student, and you’ll find our tutoring can be quite affordable. We will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your child’s continual progress in achieving his or her academic goals.

A Strong Record Of Improving The Academic Performance Of Our Students

  • Satisfied Families

We have many satisfied parents continuing with us year after year because of their children’s successes. And we are pleased that so many of them not only have us tutor their student’s siblings but also refer us to their friends and neighbors.

  • High-Caliber Educators … Getting Results

Parents know that they can count on us to equip their students with the tools and strategies they need to boost their academic performance.

Tutors with Excellent Academic Backgrounds and Strong Subject Expertise

  • Our Tutors are Wizards

Many of our tutors are graduates of top universities, including Stanford and UC Berkeley, and have advanced degrees and/or teaching credentials. They are extremely knowledgeable about the subjects they tutor and use their expertise to effectively help students with their educational needs.

Our Wizardry At Work

How We Partner with You to Support Your Child

  • We carefully match a tutor with your child

We offer you a free initial consultation. To select a tutor, our Academic Director, Michael Goldstein will review your concerns and your student’s needs and goals as well as his or her academic strengths, challenges, and learning style.

  • We develop a strong ongoing relationship

An effective relationship with you is essential. Your child’s tutor, along with our academic director, will continually monitor your student’s progress and provide you with feedback. We also welcome your input and observations.


How will Study Wizards work with your child?

An experienced and caring tutor will work with your child.

  • Strong mentors and role models

Study Wizards tutors are dedicated to motivating learning and can guide and support your child to be more successful.

  • Homework and preparation for tests becomes easier

Your child will receive personal attention and mentorship to establish trust and develop motivation. The tutor will also work to overcome learning obstacles, making it easier for your child to finish homework and be ready for tests.

  • Build skills and self-confidence

Our tutors also focus on building and strengthening study and organizational skills, time management and consistency. They strive to instill and strengthen creative thinking, critical reasoning, and self-direction — encouraging the inspiration and self-confidence needed to fulfill academic and lifelong goals.