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Boosting Skills and Building Excitement
for Learning

Our caring and experienced Fremont area tutors personalize tutoring to meet the needs of each student. By providing tools and strategies to help them succeed academically given their individual learning styles, we have earned the appreciation of many Fremont area families.

We tutor students in grades K-12 in all subjects. A key part of our success goes beyond academic expertise; our tutors strive to instill your student with the joy of learning and to stimulate their self-direction and confidence – both important to fulfilling academic and lifelong goals.

High School Students
We have tutored Fremont area students in schools such as Irvington and Mission San Jose. Our Fremont area tutors are expert in tutoring a wide range of subjects including Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, reading comprehension, writing, and Spanish.

We also offer private tutoring to help students with SAT Test Prep and ACT Test Prep. Our approach helps each student build on strengths and significantly improve in challenging areas. Our experienced tutors cover all content offered on these tests and will help your teen to be more confident and prepared to achieve higher scores. Our tutors also work closely with each student to help them develop essential study skills, organizational strategies and better time management.

Middle School
We work with students to improve both their math skills such as basic arithmetic, Pre-Algebra and Algebra as well as their English skills such as reading comprehension and writing. Tutors also work with students on study skills and organization as needed to help each student succeed.

Elementary School
Our San Jose area tutors work with each student to develop the foundation for the basic skills in math, reading, writing, and study skills needed for success in middle and high school.