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Tips on How to Write an Awesome Hook to Make Your Essay Stand Out From Expert Writing Tutors


Coming up with a hook for your essay that will compel readers to keep on reading is not difficult but it’s very important and will be used to judge your merit as a writer. Just as a hook with bait on it tempts a fish to bite, you have to lure the reader into continuing to read your essay with a compelling start to your essay.

This can be done with a few choice words that can encapsulate the theme and bring your message to the forefront. It’s not easy, but the following tips will help you write your essay’s hook and even improve your writing skills:

  • Start with a Quote

If you are writing an essay on a serious topic, using a famous person’s quote regarding that topic is an excellent way to hook readers in. It makes your essay writing more ‘alive’ and fresh. For instance, to start an essay on endurance, you can use Bruce Lee’s famous quote – “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”

  • Start off with a Question

One of the fastest ways to hook a reader is to appeal to their sense of curiosity by asking a question that will make them think. It can be a question such as “Did you know (followed by a surprising or interesting fact)” or it could be a quirky one such as ‘do you know why the chicken crossed the road?’ No matter how silly it seems, if the query matches the theme of your essay, it will ‘hook’ the reader into reading on. However, try to use questions that compel the reader to think rather than those that have a simple yes or no answer. Your essay writing will become much stronger and more meaningful as a result.

  • Create an image in your hook

A picture is worth a thousand words, but did you know that your words can create one as well? (Note how this question became our hook for this paragraph.) You can do this by using descriptive words in your hook. For example, if you are writing about summer time you can start your essay with something like this: “There’s nothing like jumping into a chilly pool during the sweltering heat of summer, but a water fight is the next best thing.’

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