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Motivating Struggling Readers: Finding Books They Can and Want to Read

Enjoy Summer Reading

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for struggling readers is motivation. While you as a parent can stress the academic importance of strong reading skills, enjoyment is the strongest motivating factor for getting your children to read.

If your middle school or high school student is struggling with reading, the reading tutors at Study Wizards Tutoring in San Jose, CA, have some suggestions on finding books your children will want to read.

Even if a book is easy to read, your children may get bored and give up if it’s not engaging to them. First, it’s important that the story is engrossing to a reader, including having a good rhythm and realistic characters. Readers of every level want a story where they care about the characters and receive a resolution of their problems. Forming this connection with characters is even more important for those who don’t enjoy reading. For those struggling readers, it’s important to find high-interest books with a low-difficulty, controlled vocabulary, and realistic characters involved in situations the reader can relate to.