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Helping Your Child Learn High School Math


Entering high school, your children will start learning high-level math that’s much more abstract than what they learned in junior high. Many students have trouble mastering the concepts in these classes, and you yourself may not be entirely comfortable with them either.

At Study Wizards Tutoring, our math tutors have helped students throughout the San Jose area overcome their difficulties with math. Even if you don’t fully understand your child’s homework, there are several things you can do to help.

As tempting as it may be to tell your student that you were also bad at math in high school, doing this actually gives them an excuse not to try. Also, avoid telling them that they just don’t have the “right mind” for math, as this creates the impression that they’ll never succeed no matter how hard they try. Like any other skill, high school math is something you only master after considerable effort and practice.

Instead, maintain a positive attitude and show appreciation whenever they can show that they’ve learned a new concept. Incremental progress builds confidence, which will prove extremely helpful as they progress through school. You may need to encourage your child to ask their teacher for additional help, and try to find out where the problem is. Because math concepts are interrelated, a weakness in one area can make others nearly impossible to learn.

If your child is having trouble with math, the math tutors at Study Wizards Tutoring can help. We provide tutoring services and test prep in a variety of other subjects as well, so visit our website or call (408) 713-2984 to learn more about our math tutors and other tutoring services.